It’s been a while…

I don’t know why it’s been this long, apart from life getting busier, there isn’t really a reason for this absence. Often blogging is a self healing process, writing thoughts down and sharing them with strangers or just the mere fact that your thoughts are out there in the open in itself is a cathartic process… so I guess here I go again!

Today, I find myself in a whirlwind inside of a whirlwind, yet I am watching my every move, thought and decision as if my life is on movie reel playing before my eyes. I’ve started a new job, a job that deals with people on a daily basis, it is both mentally and physically exhausting but to keep me going I am trying to stay motivated by the reasons that initially led me to pursue this career.. I pray that God accepts all my efforts as a form of ‘ibaadah (worship) and gives me the strength to do good.

Insert thought-> Your ‘yesterday’ self was naive compared to your ‘today’ self. 24 hours may not seem like a great difference in the whole scheme of things in terms of a lifetime, but the experiences you encounter on a daily basis architect your future self’s character and although it may be in small daily increments, the effect by the end of the week, month or year will be undeniably distinguishable. Just as the positives can build up, so can the negatives.

Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer. I love this hadith. We are all wayfarers, essentially lost souls. Sometimes, you need to stop following the wind and instead be determined to be guided by the light.

When you find yourself, you find God. And you cannot find yourself without the help of God.

Life, particularly in ‘the west’ is getting more and more difficult. The constant bombardment from the media and the negativity around us make it harder for one to hold onto the pure pillars of our deen. The hadith which explains that there will come a time where a believer will go to sleep a believer but will wake up as a non believer, vividly comes to mind.

The abandonment of the beauty of our religion, whilst under siege by constant battering and vandalism isn’t far fetched at all. Deen, religion, is manners. It is the akhlaaq (behavioural principles) employed by our Prophet that must prevail under this siege.

Returning to the journey in seeking the ‘right path’ can be viewed as the ultimate success. As humans we should be humble in our righteousness… Righteousness does not come easily and being able to actually be on that path requires an immense detachment from all things worldly, whether it be emotions, desires, ambitions and even the very basics of living such eating and sleeping.

In my humble view, the journey leading to that path begins with the realisation that things need to change. Our foundations as humans are pure, it is our environment and our surroundings are the foremost influences that shape our character and subsequently becomes our decisions that make us who we are.

By default, we are what our character makes us.

Praise belongs to God, the King, the Wise, the Bountiful, the Generous, the Almighty, the Boundlessly Merciful, Who created man of the best stature and Who begat the heavens and the earth by His power… The path is clear for the determined travelers, and the proof is unambiguous for those who contemplate. However, [it is] God alone “Who guides whom He wills” and “strays whom He wills,” (16:93) ” and He knows best for those who are guided.” (28:56) – Introductory remarks from, The path of worshippers to the paradises of the lord of the worlds (Al Ghazzali)

May Allah swt guide us, hidaayah is only from Him and He alone can return us to Him.



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