No compulsion in religion..

ان الدين يسر

“Indeed religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists but try to be near perfection and receive the good tidings that you will be rewarded and gain strength by worshipping in the mornings and the nights”


The is a very important and beautiful hadith that we often forget. Yes,we should strive to perfection but if you overburden yourself you will be unable to continue.


This deen, isn’t purely a religion, it is a way of life which means it is not black and white, contrary to public and often ‘Muslim’ perception. Our understanding of our deen has become very superficial and our awareness of paramount 

concepts has diffused.


Looking at the life of the Prophet sAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam, he was gentle in his teachings and mannerisms and unfortunately we are losing such manners, confusing da’wah with compulsion, stubborness with understanding and arrogance with humility. 

Allah swt tells us in the Qur’an (2:256) لا اكره في الدين 

There shall be no compulsion in religion: the Truth is clear from Error 

When the word ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islam’ is mentioned, much negative connotation is nearly always associated with it therefore the responsibility falls on us change this…

Allah swt says in His Qur’an 


ولا تستوي الحسمة ولا السيئة ادفع بالتي هي احسن 

And not equal are the good deed and the bad. Repel (evil) with what is better

May Allah swt help us improve our character, patience and understanding. 


Juma Mubaraka 🙂


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