The high status of humbling your forehead to the Almighty

اقرب ما يكون العبد من ربه وهو ساجد
The closest that a servant is to his Lord is when he is in prostration (sujood) – Muslim

Our Messenger Muhammad sAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam said, “There is no Muslim who prostrates before Allah but Allah raises him a degree by it.”

When we look back in history and at the righteous, we come a bit closer in understanding how theh achieved such high levels of imaan.

Just one example is Sayyidna Ali Zain Al Abideen RA/AS (the son of Al Hussain) was known as Al Sajjad, the prostrating one. He used to make 1000 sajda in one day. Everytime he remembered a blessing, he would make a prostration thanking Allah swt for that blessing. How many times even during our obligatory prayers are we truly prostrating and humbling ourselves before Allah swt?

Imam Al Ghazali said that there are many people who make sujood but their sujood will curse them because it is just an action and because their heart, mind and soul is not in the state of sujood. Where is the blessing of prayer if our sujood is tainted?

When we pray, we raise our hands and through this action we are disregarding all that is trivial because we are preparing to meet with our Creator. The Arabic word صلاة prayer comes from the word صلة connection. Our prayer is our connection to Him swt.

It is not easy but we must make dua that Allah swt guides us and helps us in achieving accepted prostrations

May Allah swt make us among those whose sujood marks their faces, enlightens our hearts and humbles us to The Almighty swt.

Juma Mubaraka


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