It is coming towards us and we are travelling towards it

When the Angel of Death came to our Prophet Musa AS in the form of a man but he panicked, hit him on the eye and refused. So the Angel of Death returned to Allah swt and said ‘You have sent me to a slave who does not wish to die.’
Allah swt replied and told him to return to Musa AS and tell him to put his hand on the back of an ox and for every hair he can count under his hand, he may have one year.’
Now subhanAllah, Sayyidna Musa AS was a big man so his hand would’ve covered quite a few of the ox’s hairs. But what did he do… He called upon His Lord and asked ‘Ya Allah, what will happen next?’
Allah swt replied that death will follow so Musa AS said ‘Then let me die now’.

Nobody likes death but it is the only certainty we have in this life. And it is made a secret for our own sake. It is a mystery only Allah swt knows. One of Allah swt’s names is القهار The Prevailer. Allah swt has overpowered His creation by death and it is kept a mystery so we must continually prepare for both.

We are travelling towards it and it is coming closer to us.

Our Prophet sAllahu ‘alayhi wa salam’s was all dua because dua is ibadah, it is worship. He SAW used to say:

O Allah, make my religion easy for me by virtue of which my affairs are protected, set right for me my world where my life exists, make good for me my Hereafter which is my resort to which I have to return, and make my life prone to perform good and make death a comfort from all evil.

May Allah swt hear and respond to our duas on this blessed day.

Juma Mubaraka


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