Worship is in the heart

Abu Darda RA, one of the companions of our beloved Messenger sallahu ‘alayhi wa salim had a man come running to him once saying ‘Your house has burned down!’
He replied, ‘No, it has not’
This insisted and repeated that Abu Darda’s house had burned down.
When the man went back to where Abu Darda’s house was he found that all the houses, except his was burnt.
Abu Darda told this man “RasoolAllah sallahu ‘alayhi wa salim told us to say the dua ‘Bismillah, tawakaltu ‘ala Allah, wa la hawla wala quwata ila billah’ will protect you from any misfortune”.

This is a firm certainity of faith. This is yaqeen.

There is no power except Allah swt and no other than Allah swt worthy of worship. Worship is a matter of the heart, not simply the physical acts that we perform.
العبادة هي امر قلبي، يكون القلب مع الله

If this piece of flesh in bodies becomes sound, the whole body becomes sound but if it is spoiled, the whole body is spoiled.

May Allah swt soften our hearts and fill them with the light of yaqeen

Have a blessed day, Juma Mubaraka


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