Forgiveness, a staple for the soul

فاعلم انه لآ اله اﻻ الله واستغفر لذنبك وللمؤمنين والمؤمنت والله يعلم متقلبكم ومثوكم 47:19
So know, (O Muhammad) that there is no deity except Allah and ask forgiveness for your sin and for the believing men and believing women. And Allah knows of your movement and your resting place.

AstagfurAllah.. I seek the forgiveness of Allah. A word very commonly thrown from situations of jest to severance. Our beloved Prophet sallahu ‘alayhi wa salam never stopped making istighfar (seeking forgiveness) yet he was the best of all creation SAW.

Istighfar opens many doors… the doors of mercy, the doors of guidance, the doors of knowledge and the doors of relief.

Verily with the remembrance of Allah, will the hearts find rest 13:28

And what better way to remember the Almighty than when seeking forgiveness. Istighfar cleanses the soul, prepares it for betterment and opens the doors of sustenance to unexpected avenues.

Make istighfar today inshaAllah. May Allah swt accept our forgiveness.

Have a blessed days and as always keep ‘dua-ing’

Juma Mubaraka


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