Food for the soul

العمل كالجسم، والاخلاص فيه كالروح

فعمل بغير روح ما عليه نور يلوح، ولا منه طيب يفوح

فاسق يا اخانا اشجار وردك بالاخلاص الذي في وردك

كي تحيا اشجاره، وتفوح اعطاره، وتغرد علي افنانه اطياره

فتطربك نغماتها، وتحركك الي الملأ الاعلى غريب لغاتها

فتهتز منك الروح طربا

The action is like the body, sincerity in the action is like the spirit of the body

and a body without a spirit is dead

and an action without sincerity will not achieve anything

O my brother, water your tree with sincerity

until you revitalise your trees, until the scent of your flowers can be smelt

and until you move to the song the birds on the branches,

 it will move upwards to a language unknown to you

with your soul moving to its rhythm

Forgive me for this a crude translation of the verses, but inshaAllah it will grasp the essence of the meaning.


Strength of Dhikr by zohaymamontaner

A nice talk by Shaykh Babikir, taken from the teachings of Shaykh Salih Al Ja’fari, you may find this useful


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