‘Err… where was I?’

“Waitttttt, hold the phone…. which rak’ah am I on?”

قد افلح المؤمنون
الذين هم في صلاتهم خاشعون

Certainly will the believers have succeeded
The ones who in their prayer are humbly submissive (Al Mu’minoon)

Meaning if we manage to capture that ‘humble submissive-ness’ in our prayer then we have succeeded. But success doesn’t come easy, or it wouldn’t be success.

How often do we really think about who we are standing before? How long would it take you to get ready for an important interview? How likely are you to daydream during this interview? Questions that we can relate to our Salah.

When we pray, we our meeting with our Lord. This Salah is reminding us that we have no power, that we are the needy and that He is the Almighty.

It’s not just a combination of movements, it’s a way to reconnect with Him (swt)

Juma Mubaraka y’all

PS. Have a lovely day and keep humanity in your prayers 🙂


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